Lords Mobile Tips, Guides & Cheats

In this post you will find tips and tricks, as well as all about cheats in Lords Mobile. After the popular games like Clash of Lords, Castle Clash and Deck Heroes, the developers of IGG with Lords Mobile could certainly meet the expectations of many players. The million-fold downloaded app enjoys an ever-increasing number of players and stands out with the mix of RPG and SGL from Lords Mobile Hack the mass of many strategy games in the Appstores out. As usual in strategy games, you take on the role of a lord of an initially modest kingdom. Your goal is to become the strongest Lord in the world. You must defend your kingdom, build buildings, gather heroes and expand.


Lords Mobile Tips & Guides

Here are some useful tips and guides for frequently asked questions in Lords Mobile. If you have any questions or tips that are not listed here yet, you can use the comments to post your tips, guilds or questions. One or the other player will be sure to receive further tips or help with a problem.

Building faster in Lords Mobile

Especially at the beginning of the game you should pay attention to spending your money for a faster construction speed. You do not need a lot of resources like food at the beginning of the game because your population is still quite small. Build mansions to train faster troops.


Defense in Lords Mobile

  • Activate shields to protect you from enemy attacks
  • Your troops can only defend your country if they are not already occupied with another task.
  • If you believe you have no chance against your opponents, you can Twitter take your kingdom to another random location. Ideally close to your guild members.


How can I transfer my kingdom to Lords Mobile?

  • Touch the map button on the bottom left and then tap the globe
  • Now, if you have a Relocator II (starting at Lv.5), you can tap an empty spot on the map and then press Transfer


Guild in Lords Mobile

As in all areas it is always easier to reach a goal with several people. So, look for a guild you can get into as early as possible. So you always get small bonuses for achieving goals and can help each other. For the help of other players you can buy special guild coins with which you can buy special items in the guildshop. Also take care of your guild that you are in an active guild and play with each other.


Allied troops

After building your message, your Allies can send you troops when your castle is under attack. The number of troops is tied to the level of your message. So, if you upgrade your message, your allies can send you more troops.

How can I collect resources?

  • Touch the resource on the world map
  • Tap on take and send your troops to the resource
  • Now the troops automatically bring you the resource in your kingdom. (The larger the troop size, the more the units can carry)


Get XP and heroes XP

Your heroes lead your troops and can support your troops with special abilities. Hero battles, raids, XP items, monsters chases, etc. will give you XP, so you can take your heroes to a new level and lead larger armies.


How can I change my name to Lords Mobile?

Your castle in Lords Mobile is named after you, so if you change your player name, you'll also change your castle name. You can now change this if you have a name change item (This can be bought in the gemstone shop). If you have such an item, you can tap the fountain pen in the Avatar menu and change your name.


How can I change my account to Lords Mobile?

  • press the + icon in the menu
  • goes on, account '
  • Under 'Link' you can now connect your account with your Gmail email address
  • In the same menu you will also find the option 'change account' here you can change your Gmail E-Mail address if necessary


How do I get more power in Lords Mobile?

You can increase your power by training soldiers, researching technologies, building and upgrading buildings. With every action you can see the amount of power in the menu.


Troops increase in Lords Mobile

From level 7, 13, 19, and 25 etc., your troop limit will be increased by 1 each time. So you have to build the troop limit you have to expand your castle only once.


How can I hire heroes?

If you have collected 10 identical medals, you can hire new heroes. You will receive medals if you have passed new chapters. The difficulty level of the chapters must be at least normal or higher. At special events you also get the opportunity to get special, limited editions of different heroes. By collecting medals you can also improve the attributes and abilities of your heroes.


Advantages through VIP points

VIP players receive additional bonuses in Lords Mobile, including: more resources, reduced build times, increased cruising speed and auto battles in the hero arena. As a VIP, you can build your kingdom faster and have a distinct advantage https://twitter.com/lordsmobileop over non-VIP players. The VIP points can be obtained by logging in daily, events or certain items. If you sign up for several days in a row, you will get more VIP points.


Lords Mobile Cheats and Hacks

As far as the topic of cheats and hacks in Lords Mobile is concerned, it is the same with almost all strategy apps. Since the developers at IGG of the InApp purchases of the game live, there are also no cheats with which one can get, for example, gems. We want to warn against alleged Lords Mobile Hacks at this point, because behind these alleged tools hides malware, usually in the form of malware.


More tips


If you have any questions, instructions or game tips, you can use the comments to post your questions or tips.