Although everything is increasingly focused on the Internet and instant messaging, voice calls are still a very important part of communications. While most of the calls we receive are usually desired, on several occasions we have come across unwanted calls, both from contacts we do not want to talk to and from different companies that make "spam" through phone calls , undoubtedly unwanted calls that we must block. also check our new website about all tech related news at cizutech

Some manufacturers, when customizing their versions of Android, usually add some additional functions, such as, for example, a tool that allows us to create a blacklist with different phone numbers so that we stop receiving these calls. Also, in the Play Store there are several applications designed to block unwanted calls easily.

As it could not be otherwise, the blocking of unwanted calls is an essential feature that can not be missing in a phone, and, therefore, Google has turned it into a native function of Android so that users do not depend on additional applications for carry out the blocking of applications.

Next, we will explain how we can block unwanted calls, and SMS, in the new Android 8.0 Oreo .

Blocks unwanted calls in Android 8.0 Oreo

To be able to add a number to the Android blacklist to block all your calls and SMS, the first thing to do is open the call application of our Android 8.0 Oreo and, in it, open the Settings screen .

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From this section we will be able to configure all the options that this application brings us. Among them we can find the option of " Call blocking " which is what really interests us.

Click on it and we will go directly to the black list of our Android that, by default, will be empty.

Here, simply, we must add the number we want to block to stop receiving absolutely any call or any SMS from this number.

In addition to adding the number manually, we can also add it from our call history, if we have previously received calls from it, avoiding having to memorize it to add it to the blacklist.


To do this, simply keep pressing on the entry you want to block and select the option "Block". From here, Android 8.0 Oreo will also allow us to choose if we want the number we are going to select to be considered as SPAM.

From this moment, the number will become part of the blacklist of our Android and we will avoid that you will bother us with your unwanted calls again.

How to enable the caller ID and filter of spam in Android 8.0 Oreo

In addition to blocking unwanted number calls, Google has a feature that allows us to easily identify the senders of unknown numbers, as long as they are registered. In this way, if you call us a store or a company without hiding the number Google will be able to guess who corresponds and will show us the corresponding information, helping us to avoid taking unwanted calls.

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To activate this option, all we have to do is, within the call settings that we have seen before, press the option " Call ID and SPAM" and activate the option that appears for this telephone SPAM filter to begin to function.